Monday, March 17, 2014

Lenten Gratuity Week 2

Monday 3/10/14:
chocolate flavored coffee
Rachel's birthday party!
the scissors not breaking the skin when I dropped them on my foot
sunny weather!

Tuesday 3/11/14:
76°F weather
recess with lunch block
new notepad from my Christmas stocking
ice water
staff meeting was quick

Wednesday 3/12/14:
date night with my hubby
homemade pizza
blokus trigon

Thursday 3/13/14:
Happier app
new thermos - keeps chocolate flavored coffee extra hot extra long
extra caffeinated when I got home ;)

Friday 3/14/14:
not as many questions about the science test as I feared
old t-shirt smelled like sunscreen and summer
fluffy comfy bed

Saturday 3/15/14:
having friends over
tea parties
getting Rachel hooked on Doctor Who

Sunday 3/16/14:
lazy rainy days
snuggly kittens

Your turn! How are those Lent commitments going? Was week 2 any harder?
Keep smilin'!

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