About Me

The basics:

I am an educator by trade, but wear many hats. At the moment, that includes wife, graduate school applicant/contemplator, tutor, babysitter, committee member, and now blogger. :) I love to try new foods  and new restaurants (though I sure didn't in the early days!). I swing back and forth between trying to only eat healthy things and wanting to try every new recipe I find. I'll mark them accordingly. ;)

What I do/how I do it:

I aim to have leftovers from meals, to take for lunch the next day. I love to share my baking, so I like small foods (think mini pies and cupcakes). But nothing beats a big pretty cake sometimes! I love seeing that "yum" moment. Nothing is better than having a meal requested for repeat appearance!

That weight watcher's thing...

I am a lifetime member of weight watchers. That means I made my lifetime goal and maintained for 6 weeks. Now I get to go to meetings for free. Mostly, this means lots of fruits and veggies. I look for ways to sneak in extra veggies, no longer consider two or three veggie sides extravagant, and I have fruit for snacks most days.
BUT. I am a foodie first. So please don't be alarmed and think that this blog is diet food. I take real food and adapt it when I must. Mostly, you watch your serving size and don't go crazy. So give the recipes with points plus values a try, even if you aren't trying to lose weight. I promise, if they aren't any good, I won't post it. :D

Favorite things:

frilly aprons, sunflowers, shoes, scrapbook supplies, camera gear, fun shaped cookie cutters, bubbles, books, balloons.

Favorite foods:

Chocolate, red velvet cake, shellfish, apple pie, thai food, warm gooey cookies, brie and crackers, Harry and David pears, honeycrisp apples, roast chicken, homemade soup, tirimisu, bacon and scallop pizza, really juicy steak, authentic local cuisine.


My mom, my Farmor, bakerella, my darling husband who eats all my creations good and bad.


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