Sunday, December 19, 2010

Arizona favorites, visited in November

While in Arizona in November for Farfar's birthday I got the chance to enjoy one of my favorite childhood treats. Of course, as a kid I ate it covered in powdered sugar and honey.

Indian fry bread. YUM.

Last time I was home we got to try a new place my mom had read about in a magazine, called Cafe Laguna. That trip we actually went to both locations (2235 S. Power Rd,
Mesa AZ. and 11518 E Apache Trl Apache Junction, AZ) because the first one was closed that day. They are about 45 minutes apart, if I remember right. This time we got lucky and caught them about 20 minutes before closing time and got our food to go.



The menu board has helpful pictures, so you get the gist of what you are ordering.

They, too, honor the Arizona shredded beef tradition. However, I opted for the ground on this particular visit.

The first time we tried to track down fry bread on one of my trips home, we went to an art fair. That was where I always got them as a kid. Prescott, when my Farmor and Farfar lived, always had these great art fairs with tons of booths. And to feed all of those hungry art goers, there were tons of food booths. Basic fair fare, typically... lemonade, hot dogs, kettle corn, etc. But also fry bread.
So my mom found an art fair in Scottsdale, and off we went. It was beautiful, and we both bought a couple small things. And there was fry bread, sort of...
...but it was covered in nacho cheese, and had no extras (tomato, lettuce, etc).

And my mom dropped her camera in hers, trying to document the occasion. XD

Silly Mommy.

Every time I visit home, I have to go to Manuel's for my Mexican food fix. This time we went straight from the airport... I hadn't even been to the house yet!
Usually, I order al a carte. However, they now have daily specials, and as it was Tuesday, it was cheaper for us to each get a combo and have leftovers for lunch.

To start:
A cheese crisp, done right. Open faced and crunchy, the perfect quesadilla.

Pardon my post flight tired look...

My mommy!

You'll notice I'm a beans, and she's a rice. We both had to modify our orders. XD

My main course:
A shredded beef taco, cheese enchilada, and beans. I took the enchilada home... that's a ton of food!


Not the prettiest view...
Shredded beef tacos are definitely an Arizona thing. They simmer the beef until it just falls apart. Makes it moist and yummy! My mom grew up with ground beef Mexican food (New Mexico). Each region has distinctly different styles. That's why I don't usually bother trying Mexican food in New England!

And my mom's plate:


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