Sunday, November 22, 2020

Chicken Wraps

 Hello out there! It's been a few... years! A lot has changed with me. I've moved again - this time to Florida. We're all obviously dealing with the major life changes the Coronavirus pandemic has brought to our lives, no exception here. For me, that has meant that I have been out of the classroom for almost a year now. It still hardly feels real as I type that - almost a year. I have dreams of teaching almost every night. It had been an extremely stressful few years, however, with very inadequate work-life balance, and it just wasn't sustainable. I was taking no time for hobbies, for family, for myself... the only me time was my drive home, which I would drag out playing Pokemon Go and make my husband worry since I lost track of time and he was trying to have dinner ready for us. So for us, quarantine has actually had some nice benefits. It's forced me to take the time I needed to really face myself and make some hard decisions, instead of just racing into the next job. We are so blessed that we have savings, so privileged that our support network set us up with opportunities to be prepared for this, and that I've been able to take this time. I am so so grateful. 

My shopping habits have changed significantly. For one, I've been so stressed the last few years, I fell out of the habit of menu planning, which had kept us strong for so long. As a result, when we got to Florida and had a little more income, we started doing a liiittle bit more "pick this up for dinner" style eating. In February, with rumors of Covid-19, and knowledge of how bad the restaurant industry is at letting employees take time off for illness, we stopped all fast food, take out, eating out... everything. It wasn't until May 2nd, for Brian's birthday, that we decided to risk getting a pizza from our favorite place, but we put it in the oven when we got it home. We're still about this "paranoid". I think we've added some made at the grocery deli items back and that one pizza place that we trust, but that's it. Our neighborhood has been doing a ton of food trucks, but almost no one is wearing masks to attend, so we pretty much don't attend. Unfortunately. 

For most groceries, we do curbside pickup, but I've been shocked to learn that for a lot of things it's cheaper to get them from Whole Foods and have them delivered since I'm a Prime member. So I now shop both the Publix app and the Amazon/Whole Foods app. Mostly I've based it on if there are any name brand things I particularly need from Publix right now or specialty things I want from Whole Foods, or if anything, in particular, is crazily overpriced at one or the other or out of stock... but this week I've started my crawl back towards menu planning and I've actually got orders going for both at the same time to complete this weekend. *shrug* I'm saving $3 on eggs, $0.75 on fries, about $0.25 on each of several kinds of produce, $8 on shitake mushrooms, and on and on and on. It's always surprising which goes which ways. 

One of my main motivators to start menu planning again was that I'm often unmotivated to get something good put together for myself for lunch. Breakfast is generally ok... for one, Brian often offers to help, and makes good suggestions. For two, I love breakfast foods. But lunch I'm always kinda... meh. And if I don't eat something decent at a proper time, I tend to get weird blood sugar levels and develop a migraine. Unpleasant. I figure, if I already did the hard work of planning it, all I have to do is look at the plan and go "oh yeah, that sounded good" and make it. Easy peasy. 

Enter, this chicken wrap. It was inspired by this wrap I've had pinned forever, but with some modified ingredients to a) make it quicker and easier and b) require less Covid shopping/use what we have and c) match my tastes better. 

Chicken Wraps


  • multigrain flatbread
  • 3 oz chicken breast
  • 1 Tbsp sundried tomatoes
  • 2 Tbsp cherry cranberry pecan mix (or similar)
  • 1 Tbsp plain nonfat Greek yogurt or mayo
  • lettuce blend
  • kosher salt and black pepper to taste
  • flavored vinegar (original used tarragon, I have pear, a bunch of flavored balsamic, etc, pick what you like. It needs an acid. lemon juice works too.) 


  1. Sous Vide (or otherwise cook) your chicken breast ahead of time. You can cook several on the weekend to make lunches easy. For this wrap, cut 3oz into strips. 
  2. Dice up the sundried tomatoes and toss with the cherry, cranberry, pecan mix, and the mayo or yogurt and chicken.
  3. Sprinkle with a couple shakes vinegar, salt, and pepper to taste, and stir well to incorporate. 
  4. Roll up the wraps with a flatbread, lettuce, and chicken. 



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