Monday, May 26, 2014


Its that time of year again! Some people make resolutions in January. I prefer to think of my birthday as the starting place of a year. After all, my year runs on a school schedule, so May is a pretty perfect place to begin. :) Last year's list of 29 before 29 had some tough/big items on it (I'm looking at you, scuba certification) so some of them will roll on...

I'm continuing the tradition of the last few years and making a list of goals to meet before my next birthday. This year's list sounds scary... 30 before 30! Eeek! Luckily I'll be totally used to the number by the time it gets here, right? ;)

Totally kidding. Its just a number. Life is all about how you feel, right??

So, today I plan to spend time with people I love, celebrate the 29 fantastic years I've had so far, and eat a big piece of cake. Thanks for being here to share it with me!

Your turn!  What's your favorite way to start a new (birth) year? Best birthday traditions?

Monday, May 5, 2014

Hot Fingers!

So the only hot pepper I'd ever cut up before tonight was a jalapeno. Minor leagues, right? Now I can add serrano to the list, and apparently I have sensitive skin. Oops? Now I know, wear gloves when cutting up hot peppers. In the mean time, how do I deal with the burning all over my hands?

A quick search has revealed a wide variety of tips. I've gathered my favorites. (I'm not quite ready to try the one that involves bleach or waving my hands over fire...)

  • wash your hands with dish soap
  • wash your hands with olive oil
  • rub your hands with a baking soda paste
  • soak a paper towel in oil and then put it in the freezer. alternate as necessary. 
  • rubbing alcohol 

I escalated up the list. I like the rubbing alcohol one the best, as it turns out. It took everything off my hands! At least for awhile...

Your turn! Do you have a favorite trick? Please share... I'm still a little tingly!


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