Monday, May 5, 2014

Hot Fingers!

So the only hot pepper I'd ever cut up before tonight was a jalapeno. Minor leagues, right? Now I can add serrano to the list, and apparently I have sensitive skin. Oops? Now I know, wear gloves when cutting up hot peppers. In the mean time, how do I deal with the burning all over my hands?

A quick search has revealed a wide variety of tips. I've gathered my favorites. (I'm not quite ready to try the one that involves bleach or waving my hands over fire...)

  • wash your hands with dish soap
  • wash your hands with olive oil
  • rub your hands with a baking soda paste
  • soak a paper towel in oil and then put it in the freezer. alternate as necessary. 
  • rubbing alcohol 

I escalated up the list. I like the rubbing alcohol one the best, as it turns out. It took everything off my hands! At least for awhile...

Your turn! Do you have a favorite trick? Please share... I'm still a little tingly!

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