Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Lenten Gratuity Week 1

This year for Lent I am taking on some things instead of giving things up... more of a lifting things up. Don't get me wrong, I am all for giving things up for Lent too. Sophomore year of college I gave up cookies, soda, and ice cream. I had a friend tell me that it wasn't authentic if I gave up something like junk food because it meant I was doing it for myself, or to lose weight, or to look prettier.

Now, let's put aside for a moment that this friend couldn't possibly know what was in my heart when I made that particular commitment for Lent. But even if my motivation was purely to lose weight or be prettier, wouldn't my God want me to take care of myself so I can serve others? If I am a wreck I won't do anyone good.

I did learn some wonderful things that season, and temptation was everywhere, My dorm had cookies, ice cream, and soda CONSTANTLY accessible. It had become a habit to grab one or two of those at every meal I ate in the dining hall. It took constant thought and attention to not slip up or give in.

Still. This year I'm adding, not subtracting. I plan to keep track of things I'm grateful for. I don't want overcomplicate, so I'm just going to plop some weekly wrap-ups here. I'd love if you join in!

Wednesday 3/5/14:
my husband who makes dinner when I have something I need to handle for work
yummy chicken nuggets
Ash Wednesday service
got to see the folks that gave us Lyta

Thursday 3/6/14: 
free bagels at my workshop
lunch at home
workshop let out early
made it to the gym before the rush
strong legs to carry me through a great workout
all my girly shows had new episodes
my husband put our valentine's day cards up on the mantle when he cleaned up

Friday 3/7/14:
it's Friday!
movie day at school
lobster tails on sale
early to bed

Saturday 3/8/14:
sleeping in
fluffy cozy bed
finished a long book
snickerdoodle muffins
date night with Brian - sushi and 007: Skyfall

Sunday 3/9/14:
first Sunday back at church in ages
very productive day
organized all my new stamp sets
wonderful long phone calls with my mom and Sean

Your turn! What are you grateful for right now? Doing anything special for Lent?
Keep smilin'!

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