Sunday, June 8, 2014

This Week's Menu - June 9, 2014

With summer here, we've been spending lots of time watering our garden and watching our veggies bloom. This was our first week at the farmer's market, and I am so excited for the upcoming menu. We've got the produce thing down pat, so this week we were focusing on getting our meat locally. This means we're having grass-fed beef and wild caught shrimp. Super happy to know our cows lived well!

Most of the menus I've posted so far were during the school year. You'll notice this reflects more of a summer schedule, since the hubs is done with classes for now, and I'm wrapping up this week.

June 9 - June 15, 2014
Joyful Foodie Menu June 9, 2014

Monday: Oatmeal with berries
Tuesday: Fruit smoothie (made with plain yogurt, frozen peaches and berries, milk, and some spinach) and whole grain toast with butter
Wednesday: Homemade granola with milk and berries
Thursday: breakfast "pizza" - eggs, cheese, and tomato slices on top of whole grain toast
Friday: leftover waffles from Sunday (I freeze extras)

Monday: peanut butter and banana wrap in homemade tortilla
Tuesday: tomato, cucumber, basil, mozzarella salad, hummus and crackers
Wednesday: farmer's market roast beef sandwich  
Thursday: leftover fried rice
Friday: luncheon at school

Monday: Farmer's market stir fry
Tuesday: Fried rice (chop up leftover stir fry, mix in with rice, heat, add an egg or two depending on size of dish!)
Wednesday: Burgers using farmer's market grass-fed beef with salad with feta, pears, and pecans
Thursday: pretzel dogs and sautéed kale
Friday: leftovers or meal out of the freezer
Saturday and Sunday: up in the air depending on if I throw a "school's done, hooray!" party ;)

Your turn!
How is the coming summer changing your meal routines?

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  1. All always follow the menu you posted here for us. And all of them are so awesome I love them all. This menu I looking awesome too I will defiantly try this too and will share my experience with u



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