Saturday, June 7, 2014

Last Week's Menu

A few weeks ago I finally started the clean eating challenge that's been on my 29 by 29 goal list all year. Its been really quite epic. Doing weight watchers last year I had already made a lot of positive changes in the way more produce department, so this was a focus on reading food labels for the ingredients, not the calories. So far I feel a lot more satisfied by the real foods, and I'm not missing anything! That is of course helped by my "flexetarian" attitude about it all. I have had regular chocolate and frozen yogurt and not stressed about it. Overall, my long term goal is to have a really healthy relationship with food, and not stress about every single bite. This fits the bill for me!

June 2 - June 8, 2014
New menu layout! I'm planning for breakfast, lunch, and dinner these days. Makes the clean eating thing much easier. :)
Monday: Bacon, eggs, sautéed zucchini 
Tuesday: Egg heavy french toast with sliced apples
Wednesday: fruit smoothie and muffin
Thursday: breakfast "pizza" - eggs, cheese, and tomato on whole grain toast with a side of bacon (its a testing day!)
Friday: granola with mixed berries
Saturday: bagels, coffee, and a crossword puzzle on the patio
Sunday: waffles and sliced oranges

Monday: roast beef sandwich 
Tuesday: leftover shrimp
Wednesday: lunch date with Brian... his treat :)
Thursday: leftover chicken enchilada pasta
Friday: peanut butter and jelly
Saturday: grilled cheese and trader joe's soup
Sunday: leftover vegetable hash

Thursday: baked loaded sweet potatoes
Friday: leftovers
Saturday: leftovers

Your turn!
What goals have you accomplished this week?

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