Friday, June 28, 2013

Friday Five

Boy, we sure have hit summer running around here!

  • Drove up to NY last week: BIL (brother in-law)'s graduation, a beach trip, wedding shop talk, 32nd anniversary dinner, and much catch up time. Just generally a great time visiting with the folks/future in-laws.
  • Just got back (Tuesday) from said week up on Long Island.
  • Yesterday marked t-minus one month until the wedding. (!!!)

I'm back to menu planning. WOOT! I missed knowing the plan for the week. We're only two weeks into vacation and I already feel a million times more human. Follow me on twitter to get weekly menu updates! Recipes to follow, here, as quick as I'm able.

The Friday Five

I'm trying to appreciate the little things, and hoping to make this a regular thing. Here'shoping it sticks!

1) Lobster. I got two stellar doses in NY: a stuffed lobster and a lobster roll. I hadn't had a truly awesome lobster roll in a couple years. Well, not one out at a restaurant. Florie made pretty stellar ones when we visited them last summer in Rockport. We ate at Lunch (officially named The Lobster Roll) near the Hamptons. This one was epic, with huge pieces of claw meat, the way a good lobster roll should be. The stuffed lobster at Sea Basin had crab meat stuffing and bay scallops. It was way too much food, and I loved it.

2) Kittens. Its amazing how much you can miss their snugglyness in one short week!

3) Goodbye visits with awesome friends. So sad Lisa is moving, so glad I got one last visit while she's here! Plus, she awesomely helped me make all the fans for our wedding.

4) Gym membership. I finally re-joined a gym, and had my first workout yesterday. It felt so good to do something awesome for me!

5) Michaels. *sigh* Shame I always spend too much. It's my favorite place to stock up on thank you notes!

Now, to try the pool. Got our new pool membership card a couple of weeks ago, but its been a) raining, or b) out of town, or c) chilling with friends, nonstop since then. Hopefully we can beat the rain this afternoon! If we manage, you'll see some pool pics on next week's Friday Five.

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