Sunday, September 19, 2010

Hello Blog World!

Isn't always so exciting to start a new blog? For me, its like getting a new journal. The pages are blank and fresh, ready and waiting for my favorite pen to touch the paper. Everything is full of possibility; I haven't made any typos yet!

A very warm welcome to those of you that have found me. Joyful Foodie is going to be a place of exploration. From a young age I've loved playing with my food... though initially my taste was atrocious! These days I call myself a baker, a cook, and on rare occasion, a short order chef. It all depends on what the day and the mood brings. I'm an educator by trade, so I hope steps in my recipes will be thought out and easy to follow, though while I relive some of my family's handed down  can make no promises; my Farmor was thoroughly a "pinch of this" cook. Through this blog I mean to bring you not only some of my favorite recipes, but also some of my favorite stories. Everyone has a favorite meal! Those stories should be savored and remembered as much as the first delicious bite. I try not to take myself too seriously; when I forget, there are usually tears over a "disaster" in my kitchen. But it is still standing, and so am I, so it can't ever be as bad as I thought.

So, things to look forward to:
  • recipes
  • photographs
  • restaurant reviews
  • stories of meals past and present
And always, the invitation that you share your stories, feedback, and favorites with me! I'm so excited to start the adventure!


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